Learn to Accept the Love you Deserve

Micah Moore is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist at Rapha Treatment Center. His clean date is October 8, 2018. He has 2 years and 5 months in continued recovery. He teaches a class called Positive Mental Attitude. It is one all of us should take whether we are in recovery or not. Here is Micah’s experience with “Learning to Accept the Love You Deserve.”

My whole life I have always been in love with myself, but during my active addiction and for the beginning of my recovery I didn’t like myself. I felt as if I did not deserve to be loved by anyone else. So, first and foremost, I started to like myself again. Early in recovery, I took a class at C.E.D. Fellowship House called Positive Mental Attitude and it taught me to be my own best friend rather than my own worst enemy. It also reminded me of one of the only positive things my father ever taught me as a child, which was to recite affirmations to myself. My father called them “My words”.  A few to mention were ” I am a good boy”, “I can wait”, & “I am smart”.  As a very hyperactive child, these simple affirmations helped me calm down and gave me a better feeling of self-worth. So fast forward to my active addiction.  I had forgotten my positive self-talk and would tell myself “I am dumb”, “I am worthless”, & “I don’t deserve to be loved”.

Conceive it... Believe it... Achieve it...

The class I took at C.E.D. helped my growth process so much that when I was offered to teach the same class at Rapha treatment center I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to teach clients the same skills I learned to become the man I am today.  At the beginning of each class, I describe the goal of the lesson and with each description, I tell them this class is designed for you to become your own best friend because we have been our worst enemies for far too long. And when life after treatment begins the first person to turn to when tragedy strikes are YOU. So, when negative self-talk comes back you will be equipped with positive self-talk and auto-suggestion. You are with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Why would you want to live with your worst enemy when you could just as easily be your best friend?

Today, I am my best friend and I absolutely love myself.  I may sound conceited but I don’t care what people think because people don’t control how I think of myself.  I am in control of my thoughts and I determine how I feel about the essence of myself. My attitude determines my altitude.  I want to be the best person I can be and in order to do this, I tell myself, “I am the best”.  If you want something out of life you must first: Conceive the idea.  Next, you must: Believe it to be true. You are then able to achieve your goal. My name is Micah Moore and I have become the absolute best friend I have ever had and now that I have become in love with myself, I can share that love with every person I come into contact with and at the same time pour my love and dedication into the clients I work with on a daily basis.