Rapha Treatment Center healing for the hurting Blog

We asked some of our staff for an inside look at Rapha Treatment Center. This is a testimonial from the notes of someone who stayed at Rapha. They asked to remain anonymous.

As I looked through the screen separating me from the deputy Sheriff, I noticed a large grassy field. There’s a sign that reads “Rapha Treatment Center – ‘Healing for the Hurting’”. We circled around a pond that had ducks everywhere. I noticed guys fishing. A large white cross cast its shadow across the pond. We pulled up in front of a nice little chapel with a red roof. A statue of Jesus stood in front of the chapel. Several buildings formed a circle around the chapel. To my left, I saw a door with a sign that said: “Office, Knock Before Entering”.

I sure was glad to be out of jail, but… rehab? Me? I was doing fine. Only a few DUI’s on my record. What’s the big deal? Everyone drinks a little, don’t they?

Oh well. I suppose this place will be better than the county jail! That place was full of real criminals and drug addicts. All I do is drink a little. It was just my bad luck, being pulled over by the local cops. They must have a grudge against me. I usually give them a piece of my mind when they pull me over.

The deputy opens the door. I get out and he takes the handcuffs off. Then he walks me to the office and turns me over to the guy at the desk, located just inside the door. The deputy gets his paperwork signed and he leaves. I am introduced to the director of this place. She has a nice smile. She is friendly but firm as she explains some of the do’s and dont’s of this place.

RaphaTreatmentCenter buildings

This place is called Rapha. Weird name if you ask me. She sends me out to the guy at the desk. I am allowed to call my family, even have clothes and other items brought to me. Another guy sits me down and gathers personal information.

I noticed a lady in a small office. She was the one that had come to jail and assessed me. That’s what they called it, an assessment. Her assessment meant treatment for me. That and the judge going along with it is how I ended up here. Maybe she’s the one that’s nuts. I just drink. Is that all that bad?

I am assigned a bed in a dorm. It’s in a room with three other guys. They are just too damn… friendly. It makes me nervous. They are just too helpful. Why would they want to help?

I am given a schedule of groups/classes as well as individual counseling sessions that I am required to attend. There are chapel services on Sunday mornings, which are voluntary. Your family can come and attend with you if you attend. That’s gotta be a trick for sure.

Well… Here it is. A week later and I feel better physically. The food is actually very good, although almost everyone jokingly gives the cook a hard time. He is a former client with over a year clean and sober. Now he works here. I guess that many of the helpers here are former clients. Even many of the counselors are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

RaphaTreatmentCenter chapel

Sunday arrived. After much urging by my roommates, I decided to attend a chapel service. I am going to sit in the back and be real quiet. The pastor and his wife arrived. Another couple showed up. Other clients’ family members come filing in. There are snacks and coffee and everyone is laughing.

Then there are a couple of songs. A prayer is led by the pastor’s wife. She seems to be serious. The pastor gets up. He says, “God is not mad at you.”

I had never heard a pastor, nor anyone else for that matter, say something like that. He began to talk about how we are all included. God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is just a thought away. The pastor continues to say that Jesus cares nothing about religion. He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him.

I thought about that whole “God is not mad at me” thing for a long time. Man, it has me thinking. Deep down, I’ve always been afraid of God. But, now… Now, there’s a different feeling inside of me.

Now, I sit at the front desk at Rapha, serving as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. It’s been over a year without a drink.

It took a while, but I finally admitted that alcohol had become an idol to me. It was thanks to the staff at Rapha and the spiritual teachings at the capel. My whole life has changed. Looking back at these notes, I can see I’ve come a long way.

I even learned what that weird name means. Rapha is short for Jehovah Rapha, the Healer. Now I know what the sign means as you arrive here, “Rapha Treatment Center – ‘Healing for the Hurting’.” If you are sent here or choose to come here, remember you are about to enter a holy place of healing. If you let it heal you, that is.

I will check you in when you arrive. I look forward to serving you!