Celebrating the Success of Drug Courts

Jackson County Family Wellness Court began in 2016 with the Honorable District Judge Don Word presiding over the accountability of families. Families who want a better life for their children and who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their children grow up in a drug-free home. Erica Kirkland Weeks, program coordinator and Heather Boyanton, case manager, without a doubt have a heart for their part in the healing of precious families. I asked Heather what the most rewarding part of her job was and she said,

“helping people heal and kids getting to be with mommy and daddy again.”

You could hear the love in her voice.

Graduation was held on November 19, 2020, there were seven families reunited, seven families who have gone through the process of healing and recovering from substance use disorder. Seven families who will be spending the holiday season together.

SpeakerMarkBoyanton DTPMJudicialSales

Mark Boyanton, DTPM Judicial Sales Manager, was the guest speaker and there is no doubt graduates left there filled with hope for their futures together. Mark shared with the graduates, a story that I have heard him share before when he was a counselor at Family Life Center:

“After a series of devastating wildfires out west, the fire was investigated and it was found they were started by an elderly couple who had left a safety hook dangling from their vehicle. As they drove down the road, it caused sparks as it hit the pavement causing fires along the way. When Mark was saved, he asked God to let him save a billion souls for the kingdom. During his walk with God, he has discovered that he wasn’t meant to save a billion souls. He just wants to be a spark. What God does with that spark is up to HIM.”

Thank you, Judge Word, Erica, Heather, and Mark for being that spark in so many lives. To the recent graduates of Jackson County Family Wellness Court, go be a spark.

Love Always,

Nicole Brewer