How does Rapha Ministries contribute to the Family Life Center Mission?

Family Life Center is proud of our association with Rapha Ministries, a program whose mission is to conduct residential alcohol and drug treatment for adult men in an environment stressing spiritual regeneration.

With an emphasis on drug and alcohol recovery, the program at Rapha is also designed to foster life skills including education, anger management, money management, fatherhood, and employability.

Rapha Treatment Center is a 54 bed, Faith Based, State Certified facility. This means we use Christian counselors professionally trained to deliver substance abuse treatment using evidenced based intervention practices in a wholesome Christian environment.

Services include:

  • 6 Dimension Adult Placement Assessments (ASAM)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol & Drug Assessments
  • Clinically Managed, High Intensity Crisis Residential Treatment
  • Clinically Managed, Low Intensity Residential Rehabilitation
  • Dual Diagnosis Capable – Referral to CED Mental Health Center
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – Referral to Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Adult Education – Referral to Gadsden State Community College

The goal is to help the individual become a caring member of their family and an effective, contributing member of their community.

Founded in 1997, Rapha Ministries is one of the few long-term residential programs in the State of Alabama. (Long-term is defined as a 6-month to 1-year in-house program.) Client rights to confidentiality, humane care, and consent to receive services are all strictly adhered to.

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At the Family Life Center, our treatment facilities are staffed with the highest level of professionals available. Masters level licensed social workers, licensed and certified counselors, certified addictions counselors, breath alcohol technicians, and a dedicated support staff.

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