Is group counseling effective when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse? You may think that dealing with addiction is difficult enough without sharing your personal information and private pain with a group of strangers.

While it may not be obvious, the opposite is often true. Sharing your experience with a group can be a comfortable and comforting experience. In fact, group therapy has been a foundational approach to drug and alcohol recovery for decades and has proven to be very effective.

What are the benefits?

  • Humans are naturally social creatures. We support one another in groups, solve our problems in groups, and naturally seek a sense of belonging.
  • Therapy groups can provide an environment of mutual support and connect us with others who “cheer us on” in accomplishing our recovery goals.
  • Therapy groups often provide a broader perspective, allowing us to see our problems through the eyes of others, or learn how others deal with similar issues.
  • Group therapy offers a safe environment in which to try out new behaviors or ways of thinking as they relate to addiction.
  • But most of all, group therapy demonstrates, on a practical level, how we are not alone and how so many of life’s problems, including addiction, are not unique to us.

As part of their nature, groups offer a tremendous resource, helping to orient and inspire new members. New to addiction recovery? A group can quickly make you feel comfortable confronting your new realities. Afraid you will never make it? Groups offer inspiring stories in the recovery of others.

Most of all, groups often give their members a sense of family and a sense of hope.

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